Super Fast! GPS Warm Start 5 Seconds Localized

             No SignalLost;No Signal Drifts.  


Smart Route Navigation

Predict intersections in advance and Quickly

choose a route to pass through.


Off-Route Guidance

Cycling is an adventure. lf you are in a deep mountain with 

no roadson the map, L1 will constantly adjust according 

to your position andguide you back to the right road.

Route Sharing with Friends

Having fun together is one great thing. 

When you ride through awonderful journey,

 you can save the route and share it with yourfriends 

who can repeat the adventure again. Even if there is

 noroad on the map,L1 can lead you with direction.



           25 Hours of Battery Life

Type-C interface.1700Mah,

 BatteryFastcharging technology,

 which can be fully charged in 1.5 hours.

3500 KM Long 

Distance Storage

Support detailed LAP segment data display

        Auto Unlock via APP Connection afterfirst-time configuration.Protect your data privacy.



Bluetooth BLE5.0/ANT+Two Wireless Connection Methods

Support the connectivity to following sensors.



Support connectivity 

to bilateral power meters.

Measure up to 31 detailed power training data.

Upload data to APP

Free 3D Track Video Sharing

Cloud storage will permanently record 

andstore your every adventure in your life.

            8 Smart Notifications




Taillight automatic

turn-by-turn guidance.

Support connection withNavihood Cute-eye turning taillight.